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“Kosansh to doctors, hospitals and patients is what cell phones are to others – the more you use it, the more you see the value.  There is no second option to globalization of health care, second opinion services for complicated ailments and tele-medicine for remote medical procedures management”. – Roshan Shah – Founder & CEO, Kosansh

I am pleased to announce the launch of “Kosansh” – a medical tourism social network. While we have not fully hashed out all the bugs but we thought its best to give the tool in the hands of real users.

Kosansh gives tremendous power in hands of hospitals and doctors worldwide who want to market their services. Without any need of a programmer or a webmaster, a hospital administrator or a doctor can easily populate content like news, blog, hospital/doctor profile, testimonials(videos), pictures or even answer health queries in health communities. Doctors and Hospitals do good work but they don’t have a platform to showcase their work to international community. Kosansh provides exactly that – a very strong marketing tool.

Hospitals can add their room pictures, room facilities, hospital facilities, treatments they specialize in, doctors who perform a particular surgery, etc

Portal has capabilities for Medical, Dental, Cosmetic, Wellness and Ayurveda(to be added this week) facilities to be a part of Kosansh.

Room price, Surgery Price in USD can be added and changed at any time by them. Hospitals can also announce tele-medicine services while specialist doctors can announce their offerings of second opinion services.

Hospitals can also optionally add their tie-ups with health insurance companies. For any surgery, they can upload the make, model and year of the equipment they use for this surgery. This way patient will be able to gauge whether they are operated by latest equipment.

Patients will be able to search on various parameters like cost, accreditation, overall patient rating of hospital, facilities, specialization and any of the above parameters. The search results can be filtered further down to help patient nail down to few options for decision making.

Second Opinion services by individual doctors will save patients a lot of time of long queues at doctors. They will also be assured that the best doctors at any part of the world whom they select will be reviewing their file. Kosansh’s “Patient Vault” allows patient to share their medical records electronically with Doctors as well as schedule a telephonic appointment with doctor.

There is also a job board and internal help desk system. Kosansh team provides 18 hours a day 7 days a week support.

In the initial beta launch, we are offering 3 months free membership to hospitals and doctors. Pricing for hospital and doctors start at $250 each annually and goes all the way up to $15,500 (which also includes an offshore full time content writer for the hospital who adds content in kosansh to market hospital services, publish content, upload their testimonials, answer health queries in co-ordination with hospitals, etc)

We are working very hard to populate FAQ and other sections of the site and continue to fix bugs and add new features in the portal.

We are soon going to announce our international network partners who can provide hospitals and doctors training, manpower and support to handle international patients in their respective countries.


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We involved 5 hospitals and 20 patients to test our product and we realized that there is lot more to be done. Doctors/Patients seem to be technically challenged when it comes to web. Things that appear obvious for an average web user, doctors and hospital admin staff found it bit difficult.

As a result, we had to make changes to our UI and here is what we have come across. While we have successfully tested all the features of the product and are very excited about our overall accomplishment, we certainly think that it will take our team nearly 2 months to bring in the usability improvements and overhaul the entire site.

Here is the new homepage layout

Kosansh - Medical Tourism Portal - Home Page Layout

Kosansh - Medical Tourism Portal - Home Page Layout

Here is the layout for  a new section of Health Communities

Health Communities Section of Kosansh

Health Communities Section of Kosansh

We obviously want to launch it after we run it through these hospitals/patients again and also then have few more hospitals/patients test it.

Our SEO team is already on board and despite the fact that we still have not gone live, our servers are getting decent hits and we also have a good following on twitter

Kosansh Answers :

Patients who are not yet members of the portal can ask questions about their ailments. They will get replies from Kosansh community i.e Member Hospital Representative , Member Doctors, Member Patients, Non Member Doctors, as well as Non Member Patients.

Kosansh Answers

Kosansh Community pages allow patients/doctors/hospitals to join particular community of their interest and ask/answer questions.

Kosansh Communities

Here is a detail of community page i.e in this case “Fitness Community”

Kosansh Community Detail Page

Hospital View in Kosansh

Hospital View in Kosansh

Above is the Hospital Page where you can see that Patients who have actually been treated at the hospital have given rating on the hospital. You can see the overall Hospital rating as well as browse through Individual patient’s ratings.

In Kosansh, the Hospitals have full control on managing the content, room information, rooms pictures, videos, patient testimonials, pricing information so the information you get is always current. Hospitals can also tag the procedures they offer – much better for search results.

Doctor Rating in Kosansh

Doctor Rating in Kosansh

Above is the Doctor’s page. Doctors can also provide second opinion services. Patient can first make a relationship with Doctor and once Doctor accepts it, patient can share their medical records with the Doctor directly from the website. Patients can at any time cancel the access to Doctor for their medical records. Patients or doctors can upload their medical records in patient’s vault and one patient claims ownership if doctor adds the records, patient has full control of that record and can then share it with other doctors. This feature is very helpful in Medical Tourism when patient is operated at remote location, doctors push their test results in patient vault and patients family members in remote location can claim the records and then consult their local family doctors.


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