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We involved 5 hospitals and 20 patients to test our product and we realized that there is lot more to be done. Doctors/Patients seem to be technically challenged when it comes to web. Things that appear obvious for an average web user, doctors and hospital admin staff found it bit difficult.

As a result, we had to make changes to our UI and here is what we have come across. While we have successfully tested all the features of the product and are very excited about our overall accomplishment, we certainly think that it will take our team nearly 2 months to bring in the usability improvements and overhaul the entire site.

Here is the new homepage layout

Kosansh - Medical Tourism Portal - Home Page Layout

Kosansh - Medical Tourism Portal - Home Page Layout

Here is the layout forĀ  a new section of Health Communities

Health Communities Section of Kosansh

Health Communities Section of Kosansh

We obviously want to launch it after we run it through these hospitals/patients again and also then have few more hospitals/patients test it.

Our SEO team is already on board and despite the fact that we still have not gone live, our servers are getting decent hits and we also have a good following on twitter


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