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Kosansh – Medical Tourism Portal Screenshots – 2

Posted on: April 28, 2009

Kosansh Answers :

Patients who are not yet members of the portal can ask questions about their ailments. They will get replies from Kosansh community i.e Member Hospital Representative , Member Doctors, Member Patients, Non Member Doctors, as well as Non Member Patients.

Kosansh Answers

Kosansh Community pages allow patients/doctors/hospitals to join particular community of their interest and ask/answer questions.

Kosansh Communities

Here is a detail of community page i.e in this case “Fitness Community”

Kosansh Community Detail Page


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  • Jens Knab: Im also involved in the dental tourism industry. Our dental clinic is located in the Philippines, we are offering dental implants, combined cases, fix
  • Debbie Norwitz: Volunteer4Good promotes volunteer travel. Is there a volunteer aspect in any area of medical tourism that you've spotted? I will be devoting a section
  • Dr.Akshi shah: M.T is expanding.....growing like anything in india..... I want to ask a question...I'm pursuing MBA in healthcare management. In 2nd yr we have to
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