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Kosansh – Medical Tourism Portal – Screen Shots-1

Posted on: April 23, 2009

Hospital View in Kosansh

Hospital View in Kosansh

Above is the Hospital Page where you can see that Patients who have actually been treated at the hospital have given rating on the hospital. You can see the overall Hospital rating as well as browse through Individual patient’s ratings.

In Kosansh, the Hospitals have full control on managing the content, room information, rooms pictures, videos, patient testimonials, pricing information so the information you get is always current. Hospitals can also tag the procedures they offer – much better for search results.

Doctor Rating in Kosansh

Doctor Rating in Kosansh

Above is the Doctor’s page. Doctors can also provide second opinion services. Patient can first make a relationship with Doctor and once Doctor accepts it, patient can share their medical records with the Doctor directly from the website. Patients can at any time cancel the access to Doctor for their medical records. Patients or doctors can upload their medical records in patient’s vault and one patient claims ownership if doctor adds the records, patient has full control of that record and can then share it with other doctors. This feature is very helpful in Medical Tourism when patient is operated at remote location, doctors push their test results in patient vault and patients family members in remote location can claim the records and then consult their local family doctors.


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